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Florida Section 8 Program For Landlords & Florida Housing Authorities

Aug 3, 2015 | No Responses

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I get a lot of questions from students and and landlords as well as income investors looking for turn key rental properties about rentals. Many of the questions are about the Section 8 Program.

There are quite a few myths about the Section 8 program. The biggest myth is that only some houses can be section 8 eligible. The reality is that ANY house or apartment or duplex or ANY property can be eligible for Section 8.

Section 8 vouchers are issued to low income families who can demonstrate that they make less than a certain amount per year. The amount depends on the County and State.

Low income families can apply for and be approved for a section 8 voucher. If they are approved then their voucher entitles a portion of their rent or even all of their rent be paid by the Federal Government. This means as the landlord you get guaranteed income deposited into your account every month.

So, Section 8 goes by the tenant, not by the landlord or the property. If your tenant qualifies for Section 8 then they can get a Section 8 voucher. And depending on the amount of their voucher, Section 8 will pay all of their rent or some of their rent. Naturally a voucher up to the amount of the rent is ideal since you don’t have to chase the tenant down for the difference.

If you are a Florida Landlord interested in the Section 8 Program here is a list of Housing Authorities in Florida:

Florida Housing Authorities on the Web Courtesy of the HUD Website:


Author: Lex Levinrad

Lex Levinrad has been a full time distressed real estate investor since 2003. He has been involved in buying, rehabbing, wholesaling, renting, and selling hundreds of houses in South Florida. Lex is the founder and CEO of the Distressed Real Estate Institute, which trains new real estate investors how to wholesale, buy, fix and flip properties often with no money down. Lex specializes in buying foreclosures, short sales and bank owned properties and offers mentoring and coaching programs, bus tours, boot camps and home study courses for real estate investors. Lex is an accomplished national public speaker and has shared the stage with some of the countries best real estate speakers. Lex has authored numerous books about real estate and is also the founder of the Distressed Real Estate Investors Association. Lex is also a licensed realtor with Charles Rutenberg Realty. For more information about Lex Levinrad please visit or call 800-617-2884.

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